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Month: January 2017

Culture Is A Strange Thing

European women are not having enough babies. It’s a fact. Well kind of. How many is enough babies you ask? 2.1 apparently. So, if European women would make it their business to each have more than two babies then all would be grand with the world. It isn’t often that a complex social issue can be answered with a simple number. There’s a distinct bang of 42 off of this.

Why 2.1? Simply put that is the minimum requirement for maintaining the present population of Europe. It’s important that the population doesn’t fall because we need a constant supply of young people to look after us, physically and financially, as we age. And women, the selfish creatures that they are, are neglecting, to give us enough young Seans and Hildas and Francescas to keep our arses wiped and stomachs full.

One could delve into the myriad of reasons that women are keeping the expensive, career limiting, life altering, freedom robbing, dangerous and painful pregnancy thing to a minimum, but that is for others to do. I’m more curious about the rather obvious solution that has already presented itself. Namely, immigration. Masses and masses of it.

Europe is rich. Europe is very rich actually. And Europeans are pretty good at being rich. It turns out that centuries of raping, murdering and pillaging each other, then the rest of the world and then each other again, hard, has left us rather soft. And this presents us with a problem. We don’t like the idea of obvious neglect of our senior citizens (who, totally unrelated to this of course, have a worrying propensity for voting). Neither are we comfortable with the idea (well those of us who don’t wear robes as uniforms) of insisting women do their bit by pushing out more Europeans (and again, totally unrelated to my point, there are more of them and they somehow get to vote as well).

Of course in the old days, when men were white, old people had the decency to die and women popped out a new European every other year (annually if Roman Catholic). And more importantly, people of colour knew better than to choose to live in Europe. For Europe was where white people lived. The most culturally advanced mass murderers this benighted planet has ever spawned.

But as I referenced in paragraph four, resting atop the stacked corpses and stolen treasure we grew flaccid. We were still white, even if only reflexively, but being white had become less of a lifestyle choice and more a thing that those embarrassments (or relatives for short) who kept getting older but not dying used to nostalgia about. We realised that while giving women the vote was a ridiculous notion, it had the unexpected result of creating more consumers and thus more shit that must be manufactured and thus more workers and thus more taxes and thus more money to be spent on people who simply refuse to die.

It’s a brave new world but there simply aren’t enough of us. So, filthy foreigners and their foreign ways are our only option. But there are some Europeans, or Whites for short, who are concerned that these foreigners and their ways will swamp our native culture. Our wondrous culture. Our, we conquered the world and used gods and science to justify it, culture will disappear under the weight of influxing hordes.

That’s not an entirely daft fear. Nonsensical, wrongheaded and factually incorrect, but not daft. Europe is a geographically defined place populated with human things and we all know that if there’s a piece of geography with biology walking around it, there must be a culture. And logically then, more biologicals entering said Petri Dish must impact on the native culture. Logical.

Now if one could just define European culture for me then we could, swastikas flying, fight to defend it. I’m not even sure what Irish culture is and there are hardly any Irish people. All I know for certain is that when I hear someone speak about Irish culture I invariably thank Gandalf I don’t live wherever and whenever that culturalist is yapping about.

That is not to say there are things about Europe today I would like to see unchanged. I can write that Christianity and Islam are ridiculous inventions that should be helped to disappear as soon as humanly possible. I can say that the political leaders of my portion of Europe are clownish ne’er do wells who require immediate replacing. I can say fuck the police. I can say all these things and know I get to sleep well and safe tonight. Also, I can choose not to say these things because needlessly insulting people is a tad outré.

Europe and my portion of it ensured that I am educated enough to make arguments using facts and figures and reason rather than cheap insults. I’m entitled to use cheap insults, but I shouldn’t be expected to be taken seriously.

Yet cheap insults, foundless or misdirected fear and mythology (i.e. lies) are now part of our European culture. It’s a culture of vindictive cowardice. A culture of 500 million cowering white people wetting themselves at the appearance of a few million refugees.

We invented using religion to excuse violence. We invented using violence to excuse religion. Then we stopped doing that. In some places a little later than others (looking at you Ireland) but we did stop it. Among the few million victims fleeing to Europe from the horrors of war, there will be some people with bad intentions. They have been murdering Muslims for decades and now they want to have a go at the Christians, pretend Christians and the atheists. They have had some tiny successes. Yet in that time Germany saved a million people.

But perhaps it isn’t the terrorism. Perhaps it’s the dark skin of the men and the no skin on show by the women that animates the myth makers on their quest for division and power.

Europe is the cradle of whiteness. We invented it. Turned it into a religion and promulgated it with science. If Europe did have a culture it was whiteism. It’s a culture I’d thought as relevant today as using snuff and burning women, I mean witches.

I’d thought that Europe’s culture, if it could be said to have one, was one of having learned its history. Had learned it so well that we had finally gotten our shit together. I was wrong. When I was reading our history, I was reading a list of our crimes and accomplishments. The Whiteists were reading the same books but counting the crimes as being committed against them. How the fuck else could they think White Genocide is a thing?

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Trump Coming To Kerry

I have some sympathy for Kerry County Councillor Thomas McEllistrim’s (Fianna Fáil, natch) call for a formal invitation to be extended to Donald Trump to visit our beautiful Kingdom. Whatever misgivings we snowflakes may have about this orange menace, Councillor McEllistrim is doing his job.

He is a county councillor. A county councillor has two areas of responsibility.

The first is to protect his positon. And protecting means ensuring re-election. The councillor must keep a weather eye on his municipal rivals both from within and without his party. But ultimately, he looks to his advancement within the ranks so that one day he may leave the Council behind for the real money of a TDship.

To this end all efforts must be directed to promoting Brand McEllistrim. In inviting President Pond Scum, McEllistrim has ensured not only local coverage but national attention. His already high brand recognition is now at TD level. And as an election may be called at any moment he must be congratulated on this coup.

His second area of responsibility is the promotion and protection of this county’s best interests. This is a straightforward proposition as long as one doesn’t think about it for more than a split second. What are Kerry’s best interests? For a long time, we’ve been taught that this is merely a financial consideration. President Bigot visiting our golf courses will obviously have an impact on tourism. With tourism comes more jobs and more money and all is right with our tiny corner of the world.

How could anyone, but a snowflake, or a woman, question this logic? There is no way to put right and wrong into a graph with arrows going up or down, measuring what is in essence, nebulous. We know that President Sexual Assault is a bigot, a racist, a hypocrite, a liar, a misogynist, a threat to world security, a narcissist and too thin skinned to be believed, but does any of that matter?

In what measurable way does fawning at the feet of this worthless piece of shit impact negatively on the people of Kerry? Our Kerry politicians kissing his tiny orange toes will attract money. That he is a slimy, vindictive, divisive and self-aggrandising mess of a barely human male thing, should not detract from the money that Councillor McEllistrim rightly assumes will follow in his wake if he was to pollute our Kingdom with is vicious presence.

We can’t just make the leap to insisting that someone who boasts about sexually assaulting women being lauded by our public representatives is an explicit or even a tacit endorsement of sexual assault. It’s logically true, but you just can’t say it. They are our public representatives and that would be like saying that Kerry endorses sexual assault. So we can’t say that. We must just think of the jobs.

We can’t assume that just because he equates the actions of a minority of Muslims with all Muslims that Kerry also accepts bigotry as our county hobby. That we might have our own experiences of being assumed terrorists makes us impervious to such bigotry even if we embrace the most powerful bigot on the planet. For the jobs.

Yes he mocked a disabled man. It’s on tape, but he denied it so we have an out. We are not saying it’s ok to mock people with physical disabilities, we just want the jobs. It’s on tape, but he denied it. Jobs.

Doffing the cap, with our hands held out, to a mean little man doesn’t make us mean little people. Well obviously it does, but that isn’t the point, jobs. This clown and his circus of sycophants and psychopaths, will bring the world’s attention to our golf courses. And isn’t all that really matters?



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